Mondholz EP- Remixes on ÜberBach


If the concept behind  ÜberBach was to compose music in which one could hear Bach without Bach actually being present, then the release of Mondholz: Remixes & Canons develops the idea further still. With two original tracks and two remixes by renowned electronic producer Hendrik Weber aka Pantha Du Prince – who jokes Bach’s music is in his genes since it played in his parents’ home before he was even born – it finds Weber “applying the rules of Pantha Du Prince” to Safaian’s work. As Safaian says, “The poetry of this record is, for me, that the universal architecture of the canon is combined with the principle of dancing.”

Coming 22nd Sept. 2017 on Neue Meister

Video coming in October 2017

Track List:

1. Mondholz Remix after Überbach Infinite Games
2. Infinite Games Canon in C
3. Jupiter’s Delight Remix after Überbach Fugue like a Passion
4. Fugue like a Passion Canon in G