ÜberBach –  Five concertos on themes of  Johann Sebastian Bach
for piano, vibraphone and string orchestra

The project centres on the idea of creating a form of music in which one hears Bach without Bach being heard. Arash Safaian develops the music ideas already contained in the compositions of Bach and interprets them anew:
“For me, Bach’s works are music in its purest form. They require no deconstruction, no historical classification. What I always think is that I am hearing the grammar of music. That is why I have decided to compose music about Bach’s music. That makes it like a view into a landscape that your own eye interprets in a certain way.”

ÜberBach was recorded in Zurich with the Zürcher Chamber Orchestra in spring 2016.
Awarded with the German ECHO:Klassik in 2017.
CD / LP  out on Neue Meister / Berlin Classics