The ÜberBach album is a collection of compositions by Arash Safaian on themes by Johann Sebastian Bach. Safaian starts off with various pieces by Bach – chorales, orchestral works, organ and clavier music – and works with them to create five concertos for piano, vibraphone and chamber orchestra. These works are new compositions after Bach.

Arash Safaian’s musical partner is the internationally acclaimed pianist Sebastian Knauer:
“When I heard the first example of ÜberBach, I was enthusiastic about the project at once. The virtuosity of the piano part, the melodiousness of the compositions and the closely woven sound made a deep impression on me. I imagined I was listening to Bach and yet it sounded too modern for the original.”

ÜberBach was recorded in Zurich with the zurich Cahmber Orchestra in spring 2016 and awarded with the German Echo:Klassik in 2017.