Beethoven Variations

Date: June 8, 2021
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am
Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Finally back on stage! Sebastian Knauer playing at the Odessa Classics Music Festival.


Odessa public got to know high performing art of German pianist Sebastian Knauer at previous Odessa Classics Festivals. A true event in the music world was  a joint project of Knauer and German-Iranian composer Arash Safaian “Überbach”, performed  also in Odessa by Knauer and Berlin Chamber Orchestra. The performance has become a worldwide sensation and was awarded a prestigious ECHO KLASSIK Award as a project which extends the boundaries of classical music. In 2018-2019 “ÜberBach” has been performed in the best concert halls of the world and always with constant success. And here comes the second world premiere of a new project of SafaIan and Knauer – fantasy for piano and orchestra “This is (Not)Beethoven”. Interestingly, the world premiere of this work took place in the year when 250th anniversary of the great composer’s birthday was celebrated. Fantasy of Arash Safaian is a decent expression of our praising the genius, whose music accompanies the mankind on the way to peace and understanding.

Beethoven Variations by Arash Safaian
National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra
Hobart Earle (conductor)
Sebastian Knauer (piano)

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